Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday June 23, 2008

Today is Monday and it is back to the grind of things, we have 4 and a half days left until we leave for our Nauvoo trip on Saturday. This weekend was a little busy we decided to do some garage selling and see if we could find me an office chair and to see what else people were selling. we looked at a couple of places around the first one we came too they were having a moving sale and there were two kitchen chairs that would match our kitchen table we have, so we bought those and we also came away from there with a bed frame and a really nice fan. We then moved to another sale that was a foreclosure sale there we found an office chair for me and it was really comfortable we then continued on and found some more kitchen chairs to go with our table and we continued driving around looking for yard sales. We came home and and relaxed a bit and then my wife got on the computer and looked on and found a lady that was selling some furniture and one of the pieces of furniture was a really nice bed, they also had a TV and some couches my wife fell in love with the bed we called her up and had my mother in-law go to their house and look at the stuff they had. We had to make a decision if wanted the bed or not and we decided to get in the truck and drive out there spend the night and then we would pick the stuff up at her house the following morning. The next morning we went to breakfast with her mom and Dave and we went to a place called Virg's let me tell you I will never eat there in all of my life the breakfast they serve there was horrible the pancakes that I ordered tasted like poop on a stick they were so nasty they took them back and I ordered some hash browns and some toast the hash browns were ok the toast not so much. So now we are on our way to get our new bed and also the mattress and box spring her mom and Dave got from her as well. We loaded the truck and went back to her mom's house unloaded her mom's bed and we took off so we could be back in time to try and go to church or to make it back in time for me to get my temple recommend signed by a member of the stake presidency so I could go to the Nauvoo temple and do a session with all of the aunts and uncles while out there. We got back and it was just in time to go see the presidency to get that signed. We went to dinner with my mom and sister at Jim's


Anonymous said...

It was such a long weekend.... I am so glad that you blogged about it... the one that I wrote got lost when the computer shut down!!! I am going to link this blog to my page so that people can still read about the GREAT weekend that we had! Love you baby

*Marie* said...

Ew Virg's. Mom and Dave seem to love the place, but I don't like it either. When I ate there, it was just so much grease and oil I couldn't stand it!